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Like thousands of Americans, Rev. Bonnie Worthington grew up in a stable Christian home. During weekly Catholic Mass, she was taught that God was to be feared, that he only rewarded those who worshiped him properly, and that unworthy humans would be constantly tempted to sin by the devil. She attended weekly catechism class for six years of her childhood, where she learned biblical stories and Bible verse, and later attended an all-girls Catholic high school, where Bible study was intense. Though she was an excellent student of the Bible, Bonnie felt a dissonance between what she was taught and what she experienced. How could God be so fearful? He’d created humankind out of love, and when she thought of her Creator, she felt only love.

On her own mission to understand life, creation, and her role with the Divine, Bonnie began to incorporate in her life a more loving relationship with God—one in which she and the Creator worked together to bring happiness into her life. As a teenager, long before she’d ever even heard of the Law of Attraction, she made a poster declaring, “Life Is What You Make It,” and set out to make her life wonderful using the Universal Laws set forth by God-Source. Since then she has had successful careers as a real estate investor, radio personality, freelance writer, and the author of a series of educational children’s books, the Engine Ed series.

Bonnie is an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church and has been teaching Law Of Attraction and its relationship to the Bible in informal settings, and is currently working on taking her work to the next level with more formal speaking engagements. She is a fifty-year-old, active, author and farmer who enjoys her twenty-six-acre walnut orchard. Her current professional focus is building a bridge between the ancient wisdom of the Christian Bible she loves and the spiritual evolution of Universal Law of Attraction through this online ministry and her new book Law Of Attraction Bible Study.

Rev. Bonnie Worthington

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