Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I have a relationship with God-Source and an “Impersonal Universe” at the same time?

Yes. The two concepts are one and the same. Many spiritual teachings refer to our God-Source as “Universe.” This does not mean that the Universe is one thing and God is another. The term “Universe” is used interchangeably by those who do not see God as a “father-figure.” This does not mean those who use the term Universe instead of God are wrong. Indeed they are not wrong. The problem here is the label. The label limits the meaning and consequently limits our understanding. Universe is that which is all that is, just as God-Source is that which is all that is. When we reflect on the teachings of Jesus, it becomes easier to understand the two terms mean the same Universal Power.

What Jesus came to teach us was how to connect with our God-Source. He did not come here to teach us there is only one “right” spiritual path. In fact, those who believe that there is only one right spiritual path have missed the message Jesus taught all together. Jesus came here to teach us a new higher consciousness; that of love, forgiveness, acceptance and compassion for all, not just for those we love, or those who have the same spiritual beliefs we do.

Jesus referred to his God-Source as God the Father. Jesus was truly divine, as are we all. However, Jesus had mastered his union and many of us have not. Those who speak about the “Universe” as impersonal have yet to “hear” the message of Jesus. Because he didn’t have access to the language we have today. Jesus taught in terms everyone could understand. He used story and metaphor. God the Father is the metaphor Jesus used for the all powerful Source of all Sources. It is undeniable that Jesus experienced God as a loving father. He explained it in the best terms he could and he was still put to death. The loving, eternal nature of the Source of all Sources in indisputable no matter what label you put on it. Humans strive to quantify everything. God is a wonderful label to give the Source of all Sources. However, if one calls that Source Using the term “Universe” instead of “God,” it is only a different perspective of the same Source, not something to be proven wrong.

When will Law of Attraction Bible Study be available to purchase?

We are still waiting for a publishing contract for this book, however if you would like to reserve a copy in advance, please join our newsletter mailing list and you will be given first notification of publication.

Will Bonnie come speak to our group?

Yes, depending on the size of the group and distance required to travel, Bonnie will speak for a fee or for free depending on the circumstances for each individual group.

Is Bonnie a Christian or a New Ager?

Bonnie prefers not to label her beliefs or the beliefs of others. Her mission and calling is to assist Jesus in bringing his message of love and acceptance to those who are seekers on a spiritual path. That is why Bonnie chose an ordination within the Universal Life Church. ULC believes in freedom of religious beliefs and that all spiritual paths are to be honored. After all, the language of Truth and Love is not prejudiced, nor does it select one path but is like water and flows down all paths where there is no resistance to it.

How do I get Bonnie’s LOA Bible Study Newsletter?

Go to the home page on the website and enter your email address to receive her email. You can also connect with Bonnie on Twitter, Linkedin, FaceBook and MySpace. Look on the homepage for links to those pages.

How do I conduct my own LOA Bible Studies in my own home or town?

Contact Bonnie through the website and she will guide you with Bible Study materials suitable for your group and list your group on her website.